Sunday, 18 March 2012

You can't believe everything you read

Scanning the internet, I discovered the following description of Sweden. Talk about the internet being a great way to spread false information! You can't believe everything you read!

'Sweden is the homeland of the great Moose and the majority of Swedes are dependent on it for their survival. Don’t go to Sweden for business purposes in September. It is most likely that the firm you’ll supposed to visit is closed down because of flu which is a swedish nickname for Moosehunt.

The yearly moosehunt, this is Sweden remember, is a folk feast heavily regulated by govermental legislation. Each county, every village, down to the very individual landowner gets a statistically based yearly quota on how many moose they have the right to shoot. For the average landowner this counts down to 0.0342 moose. Now how do you shoot 0.0342 moose? The best way is to team up with other hunting neighbors until you reach score one and then hump off to the woods with walkie-talkies and hope that you not shot each other or even worse – more than one moose, a catastrophy that could prevent your hunting rights for decades.

Swedish hunters always use the latest weaponry when hunting. However after an incident in 1912 when a tactical nuke accidentally killed some polish lingonberry-pickers, hunters were banned from using anything more destructive than paper airplanes. The ban was lifted 19 years later after country-clown Markoolio had been successfully assassinated with a flame thrower.

Now direct hunting is not the most important way to survive on the Swedish moose. More profitable is either to sell hunting rights to germans or moose related souvenirs to everyone else. The Swedish Moose Souvenir Industry is surpassed in the field of cheap mass produced gizmos only by toy production in Taiwan and lately the Wal-Mart’s Republic of China.

Even if the demand for Swedish moose puppets has rocketed on world market, business analyst believe that the sign of the future is export of the Moose warning traffic signs.

Moose manure paper is a huge profitable industry. Recently the paper quality has been good enough for printing dollars on, something that greatly has improved Swedens trade balance with the US.

Another successful product related to moose is the popular drink Tomtebloss, served at all nightclubs concerned of their reputation. The ingredients are: 1/3 home made booze 1/3 blueberry juice 1/3 lobster broth and a dash of Moose piss. This drink usually occurs together with Surströmming.'


  1. Julian Assange seeks asylum from Ecuador
    19 June 2012

    In a statement issued Tuesday, Ecuador's foreign ministry confirmed Assange's presence at the embassy. The country seems favorably inclined towards Assange, since it devoted the majority of its statement to comments from Assange.
    Assange complained of a "regrettable factual statement of abandonment received by the authorities of my country, Australia, which state that will not defend or even my minimum guarantees to any government and delegated to the constitution of a foreign country that applies the death penalty for the crime of espionage and treason, and the guarantees it offers to its nationals, ignoring the obligation to protect its citizen, who is persecuted politically."
    Assange was a target of a Justice Department-led grand jury investigation into WikiLeaks' disclosure of secret diplomatic cables and military reports. Several prominent U.S. lawmakers called for Assange's indictment in connection with the breach. It's unclear if the investigation into the WikiLeaks founder is ongoing.
    However, Assange said in the Ecuadorian government statement that he fears the possibility of capital punishment in the U.S.
    The Australian government's statements "make it impossible for my return to my home country and put me in a state of helplessness to be requested for questioning by the Kingdom of Sweden, where its top officials have openly attacked me, and investigated for political crimes in the United States of America, a country where the death penalty for such offenses is still in force," Assange said.
    Belinda SVENSSON: It's logic. Actually, there is no justice in the Jew-ruled piggy satellite labb SweCIA PornoKingdom

  2. They shoot about 80-90.000 Moose every year in Sweden.