Sunday, 11 March 2012

Swedes in Euphoria

Last night, Sweden selected its representative for the Eurovision Song Contest. It's an understatement to say that the process to find the winner is popular in Sweden. After 5 heats, the finalists are selected, and a winner is voted in - partly by 10 international juries and partly by the Swedish public.

Usually after the competition, discussion and debate begins - did the right song win? No! The wrong song won! It's like a national chant for a few days after the final.

But this year seems different - everyone seems to be in agreement that the right song actually won. The whole nation seems convinced. Is that what makes a success at Eurovision?

The winner, an artist called Loreen, sings a fantastic house/pop song called 'Euphoria' and has a show combining ballet, yoga, expressive dance and Kate Bush. Loreen seems to have captured Sweden's hearts - euphoria!

But Loreen is no ordinary representative. Already, she has made a political comment about the democratic rights and rights of women in Azerbaijan. In a media circus such as the Eurovision Song Contest, this is a refreshing element. Anyone who claims that politics has no place in the event is misguided - it always has been and always will be highly political.

So let's happily send Loreen - not only because she's a great artist with a great song, but also because she's a modern, politically-aware self-declared feminist who wants to make a difference.


  1. Have listened to it twice now, and it just doesn't grab me. It's a "meh" from me. Eric Saade last year, on the other hand, that was a catchy tune. :)

  2. LOREEN EUROVISION etc. Moroccan Gypsy is thief: Lauren ZAYNAB TALHAOUI steal from Music Group One Direction