Thursday, 1 March 2012

Oh, those beautiful Swedes

Good news to all Swedes!

A recent survey was carried out by Travellers' Digest about where the world's most beautiful men and women reside. Their conclusion? The most beautiful men are in Stockholm! Stockholm's women came in second position, beaten only by the lovely ladies of Kiev. Alexander SkarsgÄrd, from True Blood, was provided as a classical example of the 'hot Swedish guy'.

This is what Traveller's Digest writes about Swedish men:

'Swedish men have long been misunderstood. Case in point: they are often stereotyped as cold, emotionally distant loners and inexplicably mistaken for Swiss guys. On the plus side, they are also generally considered aesthetically pleasing due to their fine-boned Nordic attributes and exceptional height advantage. Although there always seems to be some truth to these types of classifications, in the case of these Scandinavian studs, the deeper reality is quite a pleasant surprise. Your average man in Stockholm is an impeccably-dressed clotheshorse that truly indulges in the enjoyment of the finer things in life: from food to fashion, culture to hearth. But what really makes them unique? Despite the fact that one must practice patience when engaging in the slightly bizarre ritual known as the Swedish courting process, once you have captured the heart and imagination of your elegant gent he will be devoted to you for life. What’s more irresistible than that?'

And for women, they write:

'What you have seen on the beer commercials is true; Sweden really does have some of the world's most beautiful women. The streets of Stockholm are literally packed with these gorgeous women, who are as tall as they are luscious. Even better, is that Scandinavians are world renowned for their friendliness, so there's a good chance that the girl you're eyeing is actually a sweet and down to earth person.'

But, don't be dismayed, Swedish women actually topped the list of the world's most beautiful women - this is what they wrote:

'Sweden is firmly in first place on this list. The first time you visit Sweden is an unreal experience as you realize that everything you have ever heard is, in fact, true! The women are tall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed goddesses whom are friendly and educated to boot. There must be something in the air.'

I guess I'm lucky to live in Stockholm!!


  1. Just my feeling, Swedes are good looking but not sexy. For me , these 2 terms are different.

  2. I don't agree with the statement that the first visit to Sweden is an unreal experience as you realize everything you've heard is true. That may be true of Stockholm, I've never been there. But overall I found Swedes to be pretty ordinary-looking, and nothing to write home about. Out in the countryside, the young women as often as not were pudgy and average-looking, the men unremarkable. What IS remarkable is that the men relate very well to women and are respectful, without any of the bizarre complexes found elsewhere in the Western world. And Swedes overall are genuinely nice people. Their strength isn't in their looks but in their character. And that's worth a lot!