Friday, 23 September 2011

Favourite Swedish expressions

I have a Swedish expression that I really like - 'Inget ont som inte har något gott med sig'. With every bad thing, there's always something good. It's a little like the English 'every cloud has a silver lining'.

A couple of days ago I asked people on Facebook to let me know their favourite Swedish expression or words and, why. This is what some of them said:

'Skit gott' (Shit good)- What a contradiction of words...Poop good???
onsdag kl. 06:52 · Gilla.

'Nu går skam på torra land' - (shame walks on dry land???) - Jättekul uttryck :-) used when somebody has done something he/she should be ashamed of
onsdag kl. 07:05 · Gilla.

'Skamlös' - (Shameless)- A wonderful word if you think about it.
onsdag kl. 07:27 · Gilla.

'Jag älskar dig...' - (I love you) - Because it is fantastic when you can say it to somebody. I get warm inside everytime I say it.
onsdag kl. 07:31 · Gilla · 1 person.

'Det fixar sig'' - (It'll all work out) - Either exaggerated belief in the future or the irresponsible abandonment of your own fate into the hands of another.
onsdag kl. 08:00 · Gilla.

'When people mix up phrases and don't react themselves, such as "jag har många bollar i luften" + "jag har många järn i elden" = "jag har många bollar i elden''
(I have many balls in the air + I have many irons in the fire = I have many balls in the fire.)
onsdag kl. 21:08 · Gilla · 1 person.

What's your favourite Swedish expression, and why?


  1. Undandtaget som bekräftar regeln – ett helt ologiskt ordspråk.

  2. Den som lever får se:)