Wednesday, 28 September 2011

5 tips for spotting Swedes at an airport

If, like me, you like guessing peoples nationalities at airports, here are a few simple tips to help you spot the Swedes:

1) Small children running seemingly out of control around Duty Free shops, seating areas and restaurants? Always Swedish.

2) People forming a long queue at the gate 1-2 hours before boarding is about to commence? Swedish.

3) Laden down with heavy shopping bags full of tax-free alcohol? Swedes.

4) Wearing trendy clothes and designer glasses from Efwa Attling or the like? Yes, Swedish.

5) Still wearing flip-flops from their holiday in a hot country, even though they’re currently in Frankfurt? Yes, you guessed it. Swedish.


  1. Such foregone conclusions...

  2. :-) Love it! I have a Swedish friend who is so totallyl nr 5. However, nr 2 could be Germans or Swiss as well... I

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