Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Watching the Thais

However fascinating watching the Swedes is, sometimes you just need a break. This evening I'm heading off to warmer climes to spend 10 days in Thailand. I will be visiting some friends who live in Bangkok and spending some time lounging on the beach. I feel I really need this break after the long and hard Scandinavian winter. I think a visit to a sunnier, warmer climate is a human right when you live as far north as Sweden.

But I am not taking a break from my blog. I am sure I will experience a lot of blogworthy things in Thailand.

So, for 10 days I won't be watching the Swedes.

I'll be watching the Swedes in Thailand. And I'll be watching the Thais.


  1. Hi Neil,

    should you be interested, I wrote a book called "Watching the Thais" -

    It's available on Kindle and the Sony Reader, too.


    Tom Tuohy

  2. I wrote an article about Swedes Retiring in Thailand as well -

    "Thinking outside the Box - Swedes Retiring in Thailand"