Friday, 17 September 2010

No immigrants

Only two days to go to the election and, in the latest polls, the Swedish Democrats are increasing their share. The Swedish Democrats (laughable name) are a right-wing, racist party that want to send immigrants home and to reduce immigration to Sweden by 90%. In a report in the newspaper today, a journalist explained how Sweden needs immigration. Being such a small country, and the fact that Swedes are not rampant breeders, we need immigrants to grow and develop. Without immigration Sweden will stagnate.

As a reaction to the Swedish Democrat's policies, a new Facebook group has opened. It's called Inga Invandrare (No Immigrants) and it is working hard to show lost Swedes what good things immigrants have contributed to the nation.

What would Sweden have without immigrants and their influence?

No pizza
No sushi
No kebabs
No football goals
Shut down hospitals, nursing and retirement homes
Dirty streets
Only 'dansband' music, and some watery pop
No new buildings
No modern Swedish language

And much, much more.

And although I choose to be non-political in this blog, on this occasion I make an exception.

Do not vote for the Swedish Democrats.

Not unless you want a colder, dustier and stagnant Sweden.


  1. I agree but I'm not happy with this "look how we benefit from immigrants" line that's always wheeled out on occasions like these. The implication seems to be that immigrants are acceptable and welcome as long as they contribute their pizzas, music, cheap labour etc to society. Useless immigrants who don't bring their nice food and who refuse to sweep the streets for shit pay can just go home. Is this so very different from what the SDs are saying?

  2. Hi! I am sure that the site Inga Invandrare do not mean this. They are trying to take a light hearted look at the situation, which has today become very serious. They are trying to say we are all immigrants and we need each other, so drop the intolerance and try to focus on the good sides.