Saturday, 17 July 2010

Swedish fashion crimes

I read recently about how Sweden is famous around the world for fashion. Designers such as Filippa K, Efwa Attling, Johan Lindeberg and lables such as Nudie, Cheap Monday and weSC were mentioned as leading the way. Swedes have an image as a trendy, fashionable bunch.

I often witness what some Swedes wear. Now, I am no expert in sartorial trends but I do know a couple of Swedish fashion crimes that would be arrested and thrown into isolation by the fashion police.

Crime 1
Rubber clogs, invented in Sweden, and known as crocs. We've all seen them in their lurid, eye-catching colours. They are banned in hospitals because the static they cause can deactivate life-support equipment. Personally, I think they're banned because they're ugly.

Crime 2
Knee-length tube socks and open sandals. Not uncommon in offices where a lot of technical people work it seems. Say no more.

Crime 3
Underpants under swimming trunks
I've mentioned this before, but am shocked every time I see it. It's reflects the ultimate in brand obsession. A pair of designer underpants can't just be secreted where no-one can see them. Oh no, put them on under your swimming trunks and let everybody see the designer's slogan when you're on the beach. I'm sure everybody isn't thinking how cool it is, but how disgusting it is.

Crime 4
High-waisted shorts
Shorts pulled so high up the body that they could also be nipple warmers. Not only are the pulled up, but they are often way to tight down below. Now, I know Swedes are open about their bodies, but that leaves nothing to the imagination.

So remember when Swedes are portrayed as a trendy nation, there are also many who commit terrible fashion crimes.

Anybody got any others to add?


  1. I really enjoy your blog and your observations on Sweden and us swedes, but I must make a correction, Crocs was originally invented in Canada. Great blog though! :-)

  2. Thanks for the correction. And thanks for reminding me to check my assumptions! SInce it was called Foppe toffla and promoted by Swedish hockey player Foppe, I presumed they were Swedish. See, how wrong we can be!!! Thanks!

  3. Plus they can be used in hospitals. Don´t create static that damages the equipment.