Monday, 8 February 2010

Top ten list of Swedish values

In the world of cultural theory, there are many surveys carried out to try to charter the cultural tendencies of the different nationalities. One such survey tries to document what personal qualities Swedes believe they have, what they prioritise and how they want to see the future at work and in Sweden. It is a survey in which Swedes themselves reveal their own perceptions on what it is to be Swedish.

Foreigners living in Sweden - please check this top-ten list of values and see whether it matches your own experience of Sweden and the Swedes. Is it an accurate perception or is it a case of wishful thinking?

Top Ten Swedish Values

1) Honesty
2) Responsibility
3) Justice
4) Humour
5) Happiness
6) Togetherness
7) Meaningfulness
8) Involvement
9) Teamwork
10) Adaptability


  1. Humour!!??? Ha ha ha ha! (grey N)

  2. Surprised solidarity isn't on there, maybe because the social democrats are having problems.