Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The democracy of snow

Walking home today during the latest snow storm to hit Stockholm, I was hit by a new realisation. Normally, I find snow in the city irritating. Your shoes get ruined, you slip and slide unelegantly around, your face gets battered, your hair gets mushed. In general, very irritating. But today, my perspective changed. As the snow tumbled down, I realised that snow is all about democracy.

No matter how ugly something is, when it is covered with snow it is beautiful.
No matter how dirty something is, when it is covered with snow, it is clean.
Now matter how shabby something is, when it is covered with snow, it gets a new, fresh start.

The snow kind of evens everything out. Now if that's not democratic, I don't know what is.


  1. Very poetic and true, but everything is also kind of hidden.. We have a saying in Swedish "det som göms i snö kommer upp i tö" something like 'what gets hidden in the snow comes back up in the thaw'. /Cecilia

  2. Give me your shabby, your poor,
    Your dirty somethings yearning to breathe free...